I’m Mariusz Banach, an Offensive Security afficionado, specialized in Adersary Simulation.

I’m fond of stealing cyber criminal’s operational theatre and disclosing it through code and sharing knowledge.

Been solving IT Security problems from both defensive and offensive sides of the barricade for more than 14 years by now, out of which eight profesionally.

🎓 My area of expertise is Windows & Networks security assessments. Started as a Malware Analyst, pushed my career through all sorts of technical roles & challenges to land myself in Red Team operator’s shoes evaluating holistically my Customer’s cyber-defensive programmes.

⚡ Welcome to my Blog lair where I shall publish offensive researches and operational writeups from time to time.

Want to reach out with a cool idea, tool improvement, research topic, cooperation inquiry or anything else I can help with?

Let’s get in touch and we’ll work it through 🙂

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