Hi there!

Looks like its my first blog post, yay! What is it that I should write about to begin that journey? Have no clue really, but also it just happens I had a great pleasure of presenting at todays (25/06/2022) @WarConPL conference.

The conference full of Exploit Development geeks, Vulnerablity Research wizards and other sort of hardcore experts…. and me with that kinda out of place Red Teaming stuff slide deck 🤩

These were my initial thoughts at least, before I started talking. Having finished my presentation turned out many folks in there did their share in Adversary Simulation – and to my surprise – approached me to express how they’ve enjoyed my talk, came to start up cool discussions, shared ideas for awesome new TTPs.

Also, I’ve been asked at numerous occassions whether my slides are going to be shared anywhere. Since I promised, therefore I deliver:

WarCon22 – Modern Initial Access and Evasion Tactics.pdf

Let me know in comments and on Twitter what you think!

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