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WarCon 2022 – Modern Initial Access and Evasion Tactics

Hi there!

Looks like its my first blog post, yay! What is it that I should write about to begin that journey? Have no clue really, but also it just happens I had a great pleasure of presenting at todays (25/06/2022) @WarConPL conference.

The conference full of Exploit Development geeks, Vulnerablity Research wizards and other sort of hardcore experts…. and me with that kinda out of place Red Teaming stuff slide deck 🤩

These were my initial thoughts at least, before I started talking. Having finished my presentation turned out many folks in there did their share in Adversary Simulation – and to my surprise – approached me to express how they’ve enjoyed my talk, came to start up cool discussions, shared ideas for awesome new TTPs.

Also, I’ve been asked at numerous occassions whether my slides are going to be shared anywhere. Since I promised, therefore I deliver:

WarCon22 – Modern Initial Access and Evasion Tactics.pdf

Let me know in comments and on Twitter what you think!

Unfortunately the talk wasn’t recorded due to the organiser policy but I’ll be giving this talk during upcoming x33fcon 22 conference – where I’ll try to get it “on tape”.

If you’re interested in trying out my ProtectMyTooling multi-packer right now – consider supporting me on Github, where my sponsors are already playing with it as well as 11 more cool Offensive Security Tools during their Red Team engagements! ProtectMyTooling is going to be released publicly in a few weeks too 🙂

Training – Modern Red Team Malware Development Strategies

If you’re interested in learning more on the evasion ideas shared in my talk – consider attending my x33fcon 2022 training titled Modern Red Team Malware Development Strategies where we’re going to take every and each discussed concept to then dissect it, analyse and implement it from scratch! It’s going to be a lot of fun, I promise 🙂


  1. Bob


  2. Rikard Strand

    Looked at your slide deck and looks really interesting. Is the talk published online somewhere?
    Youtube, Vimeo or similar ?

    • Mariusz

      Hi, glad you like it! So unfortunately it isn’t taped but I’ll redo that talk in a month and will try to get that second iteration recorded 🙂

  3. Theme stealer.

    Thanks for your great publication. Might I ask what theme you used in the slide.
    It’s look awesome.
    Thank you.

    • Mariusz


      Slides theme was pretty much custom made – just hours more put into picking just the right colors ^.^
      Key point was to stick to Consolas no matter what!

  4. corradini

    Awesome, tks for share

  5. aqua

    you’re such a genius dude! i really liked your TTPs and the set of toolings as well. please keep grinding the awesome work up!

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